Zaffron Paid Promotion Client Study

Zaffron Tandoori Indian Restaurant - A Social Media Marketing Success Story


Zaffron is a restaurant in Son Cailu, Palma Nova, Spain known for its fine Indian desi cuisine. As an international client, Zaffron wanted to enhance its brand presence and attract a diverse clientele through effective social media presence and marketing.

Client Review

Best company and best peoples. Thank you for all your help to build my website. you guys are the best really appreciated all the little bit of extra help to build my website thank you guys!!


Zaffron branding

Visual Storytelling

We created a consistent brand aesthetic by designing visually appealing content that showcased Zaffron's ambiance, dishes, and behind-the-scenes moments.

Zaffron Marketing Stats

Content Calendar

We created a content calendar that highlighted special menus, events, and collaborations. This ensured a steady flow of engaging posts to keep the audience engaged.

Zaffron Facebook stats

Performance Tracking and Analysis

We closely monitored key metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, and page traffic. Regular performance reports were generated, highlighting successes. 

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Audience Engagement and Community Building

We encouraged engagement by responding promptly to comments, messages, and reviews. We used contests, polls, and interactive stories to encourage participation and dialogue. We encouraged guests to share their dining experiences by reposting user-generated content. This showcased customer satisfaction and Zaffron's online presence.


Through a consistent social media marketing strategy, Zaffron experienced remarkable growth. The restaurant reported a significant increase in reservations, attributed to the online buzz generated by social media campaigns. Zaffron’s brand awareness expanded beyond Spain, attracting both local diners and international tourists.

 Through consistent content, audience engagement, strategic collaborations, and data-driven analysis, we successfully positioned Zaffron as a dining destination that resonated with a global audience.

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Traffic Increase
paid promotion
Brand Awareness